Sunday, April 21, 2013

Hidden Advantages of Having the Same Company Do Your Photography and Video

We've talked about some of the advantages of having a team that is used to working together do your photography and video. For example, when the photographer and videographer are familiar with each others style they're better at staying out of each others way. But there are also some new reasons that you should be aware of.
"Hybrid" cameras are becoming more and more popular. These are cameras that will produce both high quality stills and videos. We're talking about very good quality video, not the highly compressed video that most still cameras or even cellphones will give you these days. Our principal videographer Chris Walker uses one of these cameras. This means that when working with the photographer, he can even share some of the lenses. It also means that if for some reason the photographer can't get a shot, the video guy can use his camera for that photo.
Just something to think about!

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